Thursday, May 15, 2008

“True Conservatives” and John McCain

What is it with the far right wing republican party? I hear day after day on talk radio about how these self proclaimed “true conservatives” are going to stay at home and not vote, because John McCain is not “conservative” enough. Where was all of the outrage during the last 5 years when President Bush and the Republicans in the house and senate have been spending money like a bunch of drunken sailors? If I am not mistaken fiscal restraint has always been a core belief of the conservative movement. On the issue of fiscal restraint McCain has been more conservative than the President or Congress. On a side note; where have all those self proclaimed conservatives been when good conservatives are trying to get elected? The problem is that many of those people are spending too much time listening to talk radio and too little time working to get conservatives elected in local and state races!

Ok, I get that McCain does not line up in the “true conservative” template, but honestly at this point in history that is a good thing. The Republican’s have done such a bag up job over the last six years that we have totally destroyed all of the good works that Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich did in the 80’s. Now the country, rightfully so, has less confidence in the Republican Party than they have in the Democratic Party. That is truly a sad state of affairs. Senator McCain will be able to rise above the republican label and win over independences and the Reagan Democrats.

So I say to you “true conservatives”, for your own good, GET OVER IT! We need to get behind Senator John McCain, hit the streets, send in our money, and totally defeat Obama and the liberal establishment! We can not fool ourselves and think that we can just ride this out until the next election. Time does not stop; judges will be appointed, laws will be enacted, and Iraq will need to be handled… with or without your support.


Anonymous said...

I am truly curious - explain a little more about the difference between Bush and Reagan. My first president was Clinton and we both know where that topic always goes. :) So, what type things would McCain do that would change the direction?

Minga said...

McCain not only has a military background, but has had years of political experience and tremendous knowledge in foreign affairs which should help him in leading our country.I believe he will work with Congress to work toward protecting our quality of life,while understanding the needs of the American people.My hope is that he reaches out to have good advisors to keep him updated on issues as they develop.I believe he will be more fiscally responsible with careful regard to our nation's top priorities.

Cindy Kilkenny said...

I like McCain because he has shown leadership by example. He says pork barrel spending is wrong, so he has $0 in pork on his recent record. Eliminating such waste would go a long way towards writing our financial and political situation.

Cindy Kilkenny said...

Oops. Actually it would go a long way towards "righting" the situation.

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