Friday, May 16, 2008

Differences between Bush and Reagan?

Where do I start with that one!! Let me start by saying that I like President Bush and support him on many, many issues. That being said your questions was what are the differences between Reagan and Bush, that’s like asking what’s the difference between the Redwoods in CA and the trees at Minooka Park, they are both amazing but the Redwoods take your breath away.

Reagan was truly the great communicator; he conveyed his ideas and beliefs to the American people in a way that was understandable and with such sincerity that you knew he believed in what he was saying. President Bush’s communication with the American people has been at best mediocre.

President Bush has not taken his case directly to the people nearly often enough. Reagan was a master at that, on many occasions he would skip congress and take his case right to the people. There was hardly any thing that he could not get through Congress.

Reagan was a man who stuck to his principles and never wavered. There are many issues that Bush has not wavered on, but on issues of spending and holding congress accountable he has been weak.

Reagan was elected after the Carter-Obama disaster (oops I mean Carter-Mondale); there was double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, double digit unemployment, and the Iranian’s were holding 53 Americans hostage. Reagan believed that in order to turn around the economy there needed to be tax cuts, restraint on government spending, and to abolish many of the government regulations. During his two terms (he could have easily won a third if it would have been allowed), he did all of those things, despite the liberals crying that the sky would fall and that the debt would crush us. Of course none of that happened; as a matter of fact we experienced an economic boom that lasted well over a decade. Bush has cut taxes but has been spending with no sense of control; government has not shrunk but has grown under Bush.

When it came to foreign policy Reagan had a “trust but verify” policy. That was how he dealt with the Russian in dismantling nuclear weapons. He said that we would never negotiate with terrorist, and a short time later the Iranians’ released the hostages. He called the communist “the evil empire” and told them that we would develop a missile defense system that would render nukes ineffective, a short time later the U.S.S.R collapsed. Bushes foreign policy has achieved some good things but aside from Iraq, there are no real history making things that have happened.

I believe that President Bush has been overall a good President and I think that history will show that the Iraq war was the right thing to do and that he showed a keen insight and true leadership. Bush has served with honor and integrity and is a trustworthy person with a high moral character, but comparing President Ronald Reagan to any president of the last 100 years will always leave that person looking inadequate.

I hope this answers your question and I invite any other questions that you or others might have. I won’t have all of the answers but I will give it my best shot.

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