Saturday, May 31, 2008

Red White and Blue Platform

I want to share with you how we can truly change America. There is an organization that if you have not heard of yet, then you really need to become familiar with it.  It's called American Solutions, and just like it's name implies it is all about solutions.  The following is a  platform that I believe every (or at least most) American can agree with.   Please give me feed back on what you think about them, then make sure that you visit:

At American Solutions, we spent six months conducting nationwide workshops, telephone town halls, and six national surveys to understand the key concerns of the American People. From this extensive research, we developed the Platform of the American People – a unique political document that serves as a blueprint for real change the American people are demanding.

The Platform of the American People is a solutions-oriented agenda that has overwhelming support of a majority of Americans, including majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents.

The structure is now in place to advance a core set of “tri-partisan” (i.e. majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents), principles and solutions that will unite a majority of Americans and effect real change now and beyond the 2008 elections.

That blueprint for real change is codified in the “Platform of the American People” - a solutions-oriented agenda that represents a fundamental break from the red-versus-blue status quo. This unique political document validates our belief that the scale of change required is so large that a new approach (e.g. a Red, White and Blue Platform) to public policy is necessary and should be implemented across all levels of government, in all 513,000 elected offices.

Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Support the Platform

  1. English should be the official language of government. (87 to 11)
  2. The option of a single rate system should give taxpayers the convenience of filing their taxes with just a single sheet of paper. (82 to 15)
  3. Every worker should continue to have the right to a federally supervised secret ballot election when deciding whether to organize a union. (79 to 12)
  4. Keeping the reference to “One Nation Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance is very important. (88 to 11)
  5. We favor the option of a single employer tax rate of 17% that would lower taxes for some businesses that pay up to 38%, while also closing loopholes that some corporations use to pay less in taxes. (74 to 22)
  6. Congress should make it a crime to advocate acts of terrorism, violent conduct, or the killing of innocent people in the United States. (83 to 12)
  7. We should dramatically increase our investment in math and science education. (91 to 8)
  8. The United States should only grant citizenship to those who want to embrace American values and culture. (68 to 29)
  9. Illegal immigrants who commit felonies should be deported. (88 to 10)
  10. We support giving a large financial prize to the first company or individual who invents a new, safer way to dispose of nuclear waste products. (79 to 16)

If you support these ten ideas then we need your help.

Please visit, and learn how you can join and support the movement!

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