Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Libs New Low!!

It’s confirmed; John McCain made the right choice in choosing Sarah Palin as his VP! You know it is the perfect choice when you hear the liberals and the media’s reaction to her, they are just beside themselves. They are going after her with such vengeance that it is astounding to watch!

Oh did you hear that Gov. Palin’s daughter is pregnant? You would have to be dead not to have heard. The media is jumping on this like sharks in a blood filled pool. By the way this breaks the forever standing rule that you DON’T drag the candidate’s children into the political process. If that rule is out the door then they need to look very closely at Joe Biden’s adult children. I believe that they will find more than enough dirt on their lobbing activities to fill the front page for the next week. Or they could have reported on John Edwards’s love child in more depth, instead of just sweeping it under the table.

How about Gov. Palin’s husband, 22 years ago he received a DWI!! Drinking and driving is no small issue for sure, but really his error 22 years ago should be relevant to Gov. Palin’s VP? If that is true then the media needs to look at Sen. Obama. It was about that same time period that Obama was into some pretty heavy drugs. If Palin’s husband's DWI would disqualify her then Obama’s drugs would more than wipe him out as a candidate.

The double standard is getting to be more than I can handle. As a conservative I have come to expect that we would not get a fair shake in the media or by those left wing nut jobs, but this is way over the top!!

How about you? Have you reached your limit? Is it sinking in that you can’t just be a sideline spectator? You NEED to get INVOLVED. Support the McCain/Palin ticket; send money, put signs out, talk to your neighbors, do what ever it takes. You might also consider supporting some of the local candidates. In my district Rep. Bill Kramer would love your support. He is running for reelection and is facing the ever growing Democratic machine in Waukesha.

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