Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baseball Team – Waukesha

Despite the many moans and groans Waukesha now has a baseball team. Although in concept I think that it is a good idea, in practice I still have some unanswered questions.

The first question on my list is why did they, the city leaders, not put this to a city referendum? There seemed to be very strong opinions on both sides of the issue. I believe that on such an important issue, that impacts a large portion of the city, there should be a through debate where all the issues could be fleshed out and talked about. I know that there were at least three public meetings where the baseball team was the topic. At the first two meetings there was little participation from the public, but in an issue like this is too important to rush it though the city counsel.

My second question has to do with parking. Enough said.

My final question is why is Frame Park the only place that make sense to house this? I would think, granted I have not explored it very seriously, that there would be several other locations that would work just as nicely. I understand that some place close to down town was the optium location so I am not sure what other property would be available.

As I said earlier, the baseball field is a done deal, so what now? We can embrace it and continue to participate in the process or we can keep beating the dead horse getting frustrated that nothing changes. We need to stay involved in the process and hold our leaders accountable to the decisions yet to be made. We need to make sure that the project succeeds, with as little negative impact and as much positive impact on the community as possible.

Stay in touch with your Alder person to keep updated on what the next steps are.

I’ll talk more about what needs to be done on another post.

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